“Eaten Alive: James Herbert’s ‘Rats Trilogy’ for We Are the Mutants

It’s been a genuine blessing to have found a home for some of my more niche and esoteric essays/reflections on popular culture. We Are The Mutants is a fantastic site that has been very good to me and I’m quite grateful to them for publishing this essay

I thoroughly enjoyed reading James Herbert’s “Rats Trilogy” over the past few weeks. Finding a publication that let me include lengthy digressions about Thatcherism, Neoliberalism, COVID and the history of the London Docklands into a review about nearly forty-year-old books? I’m a lucky guy! Read it here.

Erickson’s Saloon for the Oregon Encyclopedia

Separating myth from history is no easy task when you’re dealing with a location as fabled as Erickson’s Saloon.

Writing this entry for the Oregon Encyclopedia was both a challenge and an honor. Stewart Holbrook’s legendary “Elbow Bending For Giants” created an enduring myth, one which has overshadowed the oft-disputed reality with its few contemporary primary documents. I was fortunate to find an article dating decades before Holbrook (reproduced after the jump).

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Is It Just Me Or Are We Nailing This? Essays on BoJack Horseman

“BoJack Horseman,” was a real triumph of a television show. It spoke to me, and a lot of other people, about issues of addiction, mental illness, and the weight of family legacies; about despair and hope and internalized narratives.

We started meeting for this zine back in January and boy, did a lot change between then and when we got it printed- like something along the lines of near-total societal collapse. After countless emails, untold numbers of drafts and print disasters, we stand here with zine in hand—proof that even amidst social collapse and isolation we can still find value in creative expression and collaboration.

Thank you to Joshua James Amberson and Molly E. Simas for their help in making this a reality and a huge thank you to all our incredible contributors. Publishing this anthology was an opportunity to bring together some of my favorite writers and illustrators to see what they had to say about a show that had so much to say about life. The results were fantastic.

The zine was the winner of the 2020 Broken Pencil Award for best Fanzine and is available for purchase via Antiquated Future and Etsy

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“The Rot At The Root” for We Are The Mutants

This is another piece I’m very proud of. I am a massive fan of “We Are The Mutants,” and am very glad to have been featured on their website. It’s an essay I’ve thought about for a very long time, one that looks at the vast gulf between the ideals espoused in the environmental media of my late-millennial childhood and our current stage of accelerated anthropogenic environmental collapse.

It’s in that sweet spot where nostalgia and solastalgia meet, a place in which I seem to spend a lot of time during this grim 2020.

Thank you to Kelly Roberts for some excellent edits