Publications (In Most Recent Order)

“The Myth of the “Other World” in Oregon-Set Films” for Writing The Northwest

“Francis Murnane” For The Oregon Encyclopedia

“Eaten Alive: James Herbert’s ‘Rats Trilogy'” for We Are The Mutants

Erickson’s Saloon” for The Oregon Encyclopedia

“The Rot at the Root” for We Are The Mutants

“Seid Back” for The Oregon Encyclopedia

“My View” for The Santa Fe New Mexican

“Hell’s Kitchens” for Popula

“Crash Course”by Julie Whipple- For the Portland Review

“Will Vinton” for The Oregon Encyclopedia

“Is It Just Me Or Are We Nailing This: Essays on BoJack Horseman”—a zine anthology edited by Molly E. Simas, Joshua James Amberson and myself with many other contributors. Published by Antiquated Future

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