“Francis J. Murnane`” for the Oregon Encyclopedia

The privilege of “setting the record straight” for an historical figure or event that has been unjustly forgotten is one of the real honors of working with the Oregon Encyclopedia. Francis Murnane is one such figure. A devoted Leftist, anti-racist, trade unionist, historical preservationist and labour leader, Murnane’s impact on the city of Portland isContinue reading ““Francis J. Murnane`” for the Oregon Encyclopedia”

“Eaten Alive: James Herbert’s ‘Rats Trilogy’ for We Are the Mutants

It’s been a genuine blessing to have found a home for some of my more niche and esoteric essays/reflections on popular culture. We Are The Mutants is a fantastic site that has been very good to me and I’m quite grateful to them for publishing this essay I thoroughly enjoyed reading James Herbert’s “Rats Trilogy”Continue reading ““Eaten Alive: James Herbert’s ‘Rats Trilogy’ for We Are the Mutants”

Erickson’s Saloon for the Oregon Encyclopedia

Separating myth from history is no easy task when you’re dealing with a location as fabled as Erickson’s Saloon. Writing this entry for the Oregon Encyclopedia was both a challenge and an honor. Stewart Holbrook’s legendary “Elbow Bending For Giants” created an enduring myth, one which has overshadowed the oft-disputed reality with its few contemporaryContinue reading “Erickson’s Saloon for the Oregon Encyclopedia”

Is It Just Me Or Are We Nailing This? Essays on BoJack Horseman

“BoJack Horseman,” was a real triumph of a television show. It spoke to me, and a lot of other people, about issues of addiction, mental illness, and the weight of family legacies; about despair and hope and internalized narratives. We started meeting for this zine back in January and boy, did a lot change betweenContinue reading “Is It Just Me Or Are We Nailing This? Essays on BoJack Horseman”